Do you currently drive a Porsche vehicle under lease? Perhaps you plan on leasing a Porsche car in the near future.

Whatever the case, what are your options if you decide to terminate the lease agreement early? This is something our Porsche finance center in Nashua, NH can assist you with. 

Turn In Your Vehicle 

If you no longer wish to retain your leased vehicle, you can return it to the dealership and end your lease upfront. However, there are penalty fees associated with an early lease termination. Review your lease contract; it outlines the provisions and penalties for ending a lease before your contract’s end date. 

Lease Another Vehicle 

You may be able to end your current lease and begin a new one. There may be surplus fees you have to pay, and some portion of fees from your previous lease may be rolled over to your new lease agreement. 

Sell Your Lease 

If you know someone who is in need of a car, you can sell your lease to that person. We recommend selling to a trusted friend or family member so you can make sure he/she understands the lease agreement terms and payments.

There’s a small fee associated with selling your lease, but you can avoid most penalty fees by going this route. 

Buy the Vehicle 

You may end your lease agreement by buying the vehicle before your contract ends. The contract will have a section outlining the terms of an early buyout. Once you buy the vehicle, it’s yours to own or sell as you please. 

We provide leasing options for the Porsche Macan and all other Porsche models in our inventory. We’ll review the lease agreement with you so you know exactly what it covers.