Our dealership carries OEM Porsche parts near Manchester, NH. Of course, you also have the option of choosing aftermarket parts, but the former is more beneficial in nearly every instance.

Find out why OEM components are advantageous over their aftermarket counterparts when you visit Porsche Nashua.


OEM parts come from the same manufacturer that made your car. These parts are also the same factory components your vehicle originally came with. This ensures a 100-percent compatible fit and a greater quality assurance, durability, and longevity.

Aftermarket parts are designed to fit multiple models and aren’t specifically designed for your car. As a result, they may not last as long as OEM components.


OEM parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This provides a financial safeguard should any defects occur down the line.

Aftermarket components typically don’t have warranties. It’s partly how developers are able to keep their costs down.   


By using OEM parts, dealership mechanics can know precisely which parts you need. With aftermarket parts, there may be dozens of selections, each from different manufacturers and of varying price ranges. It can be confusing to make a selection and juggle between cost and quality. 

Better Resale Value 

Aftermarket parts may lower the value of your vehicle, especially if you’re planning on trading in your car down the line. If your car qualifies as a Certified Pre-Owned model, a mechanic will have to remove any aftermarket parts and replace them with OEM components. The cost associated with this comes at the expense of the dealership, which is then transferred to you.  

Visit Porsche Nashua to schedule maintenance or repairs. Porsche models like the Porsche Cayenne require OEM parts for reliable performance and longevity. Opting for aftermarket components may not be the ideal solution long-term.