Our dealership provides a diverse range of Porsche service tasks for all types of situations. This includes maintenance work, which falls under several categories of its own. Our certified Gold Meister technicians provide these services while following the strictest guidelines set forth by Porsche.

Preventive Maintenance 

As suggested by the name, preventive maintenance is carried out at regular intervals to prevent problems from occurring. The most common example is an oil change, which is done every 10,000 miles to prevent engine wear. Tire rotations are also considered preventive maintenance because they’re designed to reduce tread wear. 

Condition-Based Maintenance 

Condition-based maintenance is performed when a car owner or technician detects a problem that requires immediate attention. For example, if you have your car checked out because a warning light icon has appeared on your dashboard, this is considered a condition-based maintenance appointment. This could entail repairs or a tune-up to correct a deficiency. 

Repairs or OEM Parts Replacements 

Repairs are carried out to fix something that is faulty and clearly hampering vehicle performance and/or safety. Our service center only uses OEM parts that come straight from Porsche to ensure precise compatibility and factory performance. 


You may have heard the term “tune-up” advertised by automotive body shops. A car tune-up is essentially a multipoint inspection of your vehicle that may include both preventive and condition-based service tasks, such as fluid top-offs, filter replacements, and parts replacements.

Whatever type of service you need, Porsche Nashua is the place to make an appointment. We perform these services on all Porsche models, including the Porsche Macan. Make an appointment with our expert technicians today!