Automotive technology is continually being refined and improved upon. As one of the most innovative automakers on the market, Porsche is always working feverishly behind the scenes to release new technology that makes driving more efficient and enjoyable.

Here are some automotive technologies to expect in the near future for your favorite Porsche cars

Chassis Twinning Technology 

Chassis twinning technology is an implementation that may appear on the Porsche Taycan in the coming years. This safety feature alerts you if a car component requires your immediate attention.

For instance, if you drive over a pothole at a high speed, the system will inform you in real-time if the chassis has sustained damage and recommend that you schedule at a local dealership. The system will work in conjunction with Porsche Connect. 

Porsche Communication Management 6.0 

Porsche Communication Management 6.0 is a suite of updated technology features that includes a new menu design with refreshed icons. The icons now have a larger touch surface, so you can more easily locate and touch your desired icons without taking your eyes off the road.

Voice control is also now available and can be activated by saying, “Hey Porsche.” 

Over-the-Air Updates 

Over-the-air updates are already available in the Porsche Taycan, though there are plans to extend this feature to the Porsche Macan. With this inclusion, drivers will be able to easily unlock monthly subscription plans and gain access to features like Active Lane Keep Assist and more. 

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