Winter will be here soon. The change in weather can harm the engine and associated components. This makes Porsche service in Nashua, NH especially essential before the winter chills fully set in. Learn what services to arrange for your Porsche vehicle.

Check the Battery

Why do car batteries often die in the winter? This is because low temperatures alter the chemical composition inside the battery cell, thus reducing its ability to supply power and crank the engine. A technician at the dealership can check the charge and inspect for signs of a dying battery, such as corrosion and a swelling battery cell.

Check the Blades

The windshield often fogs up in the winter. Rain during this season also makes it essential to have working wiper blades. Worn blades can cause streaks, which can make visibility worse. Wiper blades are inexpensive and easy to install and should be replaced every six to 12 months.

Tequipment Winter Wheel Sets

Wheels and tires are the point of contact for transmitting a Porsche vehicle’s power from the chassis to the road. The ability of the wheel to grip the road is essential for your safety, especially when braking under cold weather conditions. We recommend Tequipment Winter Wheel Sets for the cold months, especially since the tires have been chemically formulated to resist hardening due to cold temperatures. Porsche-approved tires conform to Porsche specifications indicated by the “N” designation (N0, N1, etc.) on the sidewall.

All Porsche cars, from the Porsche Macan to the Porsche Taycan, require regular maintenance from a certified technician. This is especially applicable during late fall and early winter to offset the cold weather elements. Let Porsche Nashua serve you as we head into colder weather.