When a collision happens, a lot of questions are going to be playing in your mind. To make the process easier on you, we suggest bringing your car to our Porsche repair shop in Nashua, NH.

Why Choose Our Dealership for Repairs?

Even if your car is operable after a collision, it may have hidden structural damage, especially in the frame’s crumple zone. While there are multiple independent collision repair shops around Nashua, most are general repair centers and may not have the experience working on luxury brands. The Porsche brand isn’t the most common vehicle type on the road, and our experts know the ins and outs of your vehicle.

How We Can Be of Service

Our dealership’s repair center is staffed by three Porsche Gold Meister Certified technicians. These invaluable team members must have a minimum of one-year servicing Porsche models before being eligible for the Gold Meister designation. The Gold level also means they worked their way up over time from Bronze and Silver level.

Our technicians can help post-accident in the following ways:

  • Full computerized analysis of your vehicle to detect hidden damage
  • OEM replacement parts and never aftermarket replacements
  • Coordination with your insurance provider
  • Full repair estimate and completion timeframe
  • Repair work from technicians that have worked specifically on your car model and year
  • Arrangements for a car rental

Give Porsche Nashua a call if you have been in a collision to arrange for repairs. We perform inspections and repairs on all Porsche models, including the Porsche Cayenne and more. With repairs at our dealership after an accident comes a peace of mind.