Commuters are taught to give their cars extra care during summer and winter when temperatures reach either end of the extremes. However, it’s just as important to care for your vehicle during spring. Make this the season to bring your car to our Porsche service center in Nashua, NH for general maintenance.

Check the Battery

You’re often warned about the damage cold weather has on car batteries. Even if your battery survived the winter without problem, any hidden effects could have carried over to spring. Our dealership performs free battery checks. Detecting a dying battery can save you a call to a towing company. Also, be sure to check for corrosion on the battery terminals and wipe away any corrosive buildup.

Change the Oil

Are you scheduling regular oil changes in accordance with the manufacture recommendations? Spring is a good time to schedule an oil change if your car is overdue for one. This ensures it has fresh oil for the coming summer, the season when engine overheating is most likely to occur.

Wash Your Car

A car wash isn’t vital for your car’s health, but it does have a significant impact on the exterior’s aesthetics. A lot of airborne pollen and other debris is in the air and can accumulate on the car surface. If left intact, this can damage the vehicle’s paint. Give the car a good rinse and apply a coat of wax in the process.

Come by Porsche Nashua to schedule maintenance services. We perform services on all Porsche models, including the Porsche Macan and more. Early spring is the ideal time to address any potential issues under the hood, so stop by today.