Car buyers seldom consider a Porsche lease in Nashua, NH. This may be the more desired option for some car buyers who may prefer getting behind a new model with updated technology every two to three years. If you’ve never leased before, you may have some questions. Let’s examine some common FAQs customers ask our dealers.

Common Lease FAQs

What are my options when my lease ends?

You have three options, one of which is that you may return the vehicle and walk away. Alternatively, you may begin a new lease contract on a new model. If you really like the car you’re returning, you may choose to buy it, with the lease payments you made applying towards a portion for the purchase.

What is the lease maturity date?

The maturity date is the specified date that your leased vehicle must be returned to an authorized Porsche dealership and undergo an inspection.

What do I need to bring when turning in the vehicle?

Bring both key fobs, the owner’s manual, and any documents you received when you originally leased the vehicle.

Return Inspection FAQs

What is a pre-inspection?

Before the lease’s maturity date, you will have the option to bring your vehicle in for a pre-inspection. The inspector will outline any mechanical issues or surface-level damage that will accrue a penalty fee during the actual inspection. This gives you a chance to get these issues fixed before the maturity date and avoid the penalty fees.

Is a pre-inspection mandatory?

No, a pre-inspection is completely optional, though we highly recommend it.

Stop by Porsche Nashua to inquire about our lease options. Leasing is available for all of our current models, including the Porsche Cayenne and more.