As much as we would like them to be, cars are not maintenance-free. No matter how much automotive technology improves, upkeep will always be required to some extent on the owner’s end. With this in mind, what type of maintenance requires professional servicing from a Porsche repair center near Manchester, NH?

Timing Belt

Timing belt replacement seems simple enough. Just remove the existing frayed belt and snap in a new one, right? Not exactly. A portion of the engine has to be disassembled to correctly fit in the new belt. Incorrect timing belt placement can damage associating components, such as the pistons, valves, and water pump.

Shock Absorbers

Replacing a shock absorber requires getting under the car, making it quite dangerous. Furthermore, many DIYers have difficulty distinguishing a shock absorber from a strut. Improper shock installation jeopardizes the car’s ability to absorb the impact from driving over a bump or dip in the road.


The radiator is connected to multiple hoses and clamps. If any of these aren’t properly fastened and come loose, the radiator may not be able to properly send coolant to the engine, causing the vehicle to quickly overheat.


There are a lot of windshield repair kits sold in stores consisting of glue-like epoxy resin. As a rule of thumb, any cracks that extend beyond the length of a quarter should be repaired by a professional. An existing crack can gradually expand and shatter mid-commute, making it a serious safety liability.

Visit Porsche Nashua for vehicle servicing. We perform maintenance for Porsche cars, including models like the Porsche Cayman and more. The aforementioned repairs are not intended for DIYers or the weekend amateur mechanic.