Leasing is a terrific alternative to buying. It gives you the opportunity to drive the latest Porsche vehicles about every three years. When your Porsche lease in Nashua, NH comes to an end, where do you go from there? Find out what your options are.

Immediately After the Lease

A date will be arranged with the dealership to return your vehicle where it will be inspected. You will be fined for any repairs or maintenance required. This is why it’s highly recommended that you schedule regular vehicle servicing over the life of your lease. Some repairs may be covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Surface dents and scratches that extend beyond the circumference of a quarter will also result in a fee.

Post-Lease Options

After turning in the car, undergoing the inspection, and/or paying any outstanding fees, what’s next? The most popular option is to trade in the expired lease for a new one with a new vehicle. Drive off in a 2020 or 2021 Porsche model under a whole new lease with its own terms and conditions.

If you really like the leased car, you can buy it, with a portion of what you paid during the leasing period going towards the purchase. The benefit here is you know the car’s history, a huge advantage used car buyers don’t have.

If neither option appeals to you, then you can simply walk away without a new car. Some people may consider a new car purchase at the same dealership or opt to buy a pre-owned or certified pre-owned vehicle.

Come by Porsche Nashua if your current lease is about to end or if you’re interested in a new lease offer for a new car like the Porsche Macan and more.