Where do Porsche owners go for repairs or general maintenance? Can you go to a third-party auto shop? Where is the best place to go for Porsche repair near Manchester, NH? Let Porsche Nashua answer all of your Porsche repair questions.

Can I Go to an Independent Auto Shop?

The mechanics at an independent auto center may not have the specialization to handle Porsche maintenance. Not only is the automaker a German manufacturer, but it’s also a luxury brand. The engine and other components under the hood differ quite a bit from more mainstream brands. Plus, the Porsche brand isn’t exactly the most common of vehicles on the road. A general mechanic may not have a lot of experience performing repairs on a German vehicle, much less a Porsche model.

Porsche Repair at a Certified Dealership

We highly recommend all repair services be done at a Porsche dealership. Here’s why: most mechanics at a Porsche dealership are Gold Meister Certified. Technicians with this designation have a minimum one-year on-the-job experience. Technicians work their way up starting from bronze, then advancing to silver, and finally to gold. Certified members must also be retested annually at a Porsche headquarters. At Porsche Nashua, there are currently three technicians holding a gold certification.

We’re not saying those who aren’t Gold Meister certified can’t do a good job, but wouldn’t you rather take your chances on technicians certified under a Porsche-approved training course?

For repairs and general maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations, bring your vehicle to Porsche Nashua. Our technicians are adept at working on all Porsche models, including the Porsche Macan and more.