When you visit a Porsche dealership to buy a vehicle, your three options are to buy new, buy pre-owned, or lease. The third option is often the most overlooked by consumers. That’s a shame because Porsche Nashua often has new lease offers available.

Why a Porsche Lease?

Our Porsche leases offers differ month to month depending on season, national holidays, etc. Most lease terms are 36-months; no security deposit is required but you do need to put down a down payment. Lease offers cover most 2020 models, including the Porsche Taycan and more.

So, why lease a vehicle over buying one? Most consumers opt to buy; there is just something desirable about ownership of a vehicle. We completely understand this, but also encourage drivers to consider the advantages of leasing as it could be a better fit for certain lifestyles.

We recommend leasing if you enjoying switching to a new car every three or so years. Some people rather not drive the same car for the next 10 to 15 years.

Cost Advantages of Leasing

According to Investopedia, car leases on average have lower out-of-pocket costs. The down payment is also normally lower, as is the monthly payment and sales tax. There may also be tax deductions associated with leasing a car if you use it for business purposes.

With leasing, just remember that you will be penalized for any major wear and tear. You will also be footing recurring monthly payments for a car you will never own unless you choose to purchase it at the lease end. If this doesn’t work for your lifestyle, then buying may be your better bet.

Visit Porsche Nashua to see what lease offers we have at the moment. As with other specials, offers are good while supplies last.