If you’ve ever driven a Porsche car, then you must already be familiar with the seriously heart-thumping performance that these cars provide. That said, any Porsche service expert at Porsche Nashua will tell you that the engine isn’t the only factor responsible for such an incredible driving experience.

Behind every great engine is the right kind of motor oil that is clean and clear of grime. This highly lubricating fluid courses through every gas-powered Porsche engine, and is intended to remove component-breaking friction from the equation. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, as grime and sludge can build up to impose more friction on the engine overtime. This is why our service experts will recommend that you change out your motor oil once every 5,000 miles to ensure you always have a fresh ‘grime-less’ supply running through your engine.

But what does that have to do with performance? Well, in a car, everything is connected, and how well-lubricated an engine is can define just how well it feels behind the wheel. An engine that suffers from poor lubrication or old motor oil is going to have a greater chance of crucial components breaking, and in some instances can be rather sluggish on the road. Old motor oil can also result in excessive engine strain, which can put a huge damper on your vehicle’s fuel economy. All of these factors combine make motor oil one of the most essential aspects of any Porsche car.

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