Seasonal maintenance is a big deal for us, especially considering that we’re a Porsche dealership located in a part of the country where winters are pretty intense. Of all the different forms of winter maintenance you can get at Porsche Nashua, swapping out your standard three-season tires for a set of winter-ready tires can go a long way in keeping you safe throughout the holiday season.

What’s the difference between a regular three-season tire and a winter tire? This is a question our tire and services experts get a lot, and it’s a fair question to have. At first glance, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a winter tire and a regular three-season tire. Although, the truth of the matter is that the differences lie in the details.

A standard three-season tire isn’t going to be designed for the freezing temperatures that winter can impose. As a result, the rubber that can withstand the fluctuating temperatures of summer, fall, and spring, is at greater risk of breaking in the intense cold of winter. Winter tires are tempered for the winter season and are less likely to burst on you as a result of the cold.

Another benefit of winter tires is that they tend to have a deeper tread depth than your standard tire. Winter tires are designed to chew through snow and ice and are less likely to hydroplane when road conditions are at their worst. While winter tires are not invulnerable to slipping and sliding the odds of doing so are far less likely.

Winter tires allow you to continue enjoying the top performance of your Porsche, while at the same time protecting you from the dangers of driving during rough weather. If you have more questions about winter tires and why you should purchase a set, our services and parts team at Porsche Nashua are happy to help.