At Porsche Nashua, we’re dedicated to providing the single best driving experience on the planet to our Manchester, NH customers and beyond. But while Porsche has always strived for excellence in engineering automobiles, they’ve followed a long and interesting road in maintaining the dream. Today, we want to share some of the more fascinating facts from Porsche’s history.

1. Porsche created a grill

It sounds a little superfluous, on a famously rear-engined car brand, right? Well, notice we omitted the “e.” That’s right, Porsche, or at least lifestyle brand Porsche Design that used to be part of Porsche official, created a barbecue grill known as the Porsche Design X-Series, a sleek, no-nonsense propane grill that follows Porsche’s design language as close as it can with no engine, headlights, or wheels.

2. Porsche makes more than amazing sports cars

From airplanes, to tractors, to forklifts (which they still make and continue to win awards for), if it has an engine, you can be confident Porsche developed a version of it. The next time you ride in an Airbus A300, rest easy in the fact that you’re flying in a cockpit designed by Porsche.

3. They make the most successful race cars in the world

Over Porsche’s lifetime in racing – almost 70 years, to be precise – it has won more races across the globe than any other brand for any reason, period. Over 24,000 and counting. Hey, when you know how to do something right, the best way of confirming that for yourself and for others is to beat everyone else who thinks they’re good at it. At Le Mans, at Nurburgring, through the Paris-Dakar rally… the list can go on and on.

So are you ready to get back into the cockpit of the most successful brand in the world? Ask our Nashua Porsche dealers to give the 2020 Porsche 911 a test drive and experience that rush all over again.