There’s nothing finer than taking your new 2020 Porsche 911 out for a joyride with the engine roaring behind you along with the miles and lines of the road. But as the weather chills, we at Porsche Nashua know what’s coming, and what must be done. It is time to prepare your Porsche against the winter, and the best way to do that is with the professionals at our Porsche service center.

We know your Porsche isn’t like any other car. We know it’s an automobile that requires the utmost respect and care, and that’s why we only employ the finest certified Porsche technicians to work on our customer’s vehicles. As it is, winterization is a careful process. It begins with a traditional maintenance appointment, but it also includes replacing brakes, if necessary, alternating tires, and more. Of course, if we need to replace anything, you can rest assured that the only things touching your Porsche will be official Porsche parts for precise measurement and reliable quality.

When considering changing tires, the game will shift dramatically. If you have a Porsche that’s been running primarily on summer tires or track tires this winter, an upgrade to all-season tires is necessary, but a switch to pure winter tires is recommended. The all-seasons might be better in wet weather, but when it comes to frozen weather, you cannot beat winter tires for their added surface area and traction. If your previous tires are still in working order, then we will gladly store them for you until such time as they’re ready to be returned to your Porsche safely. And once you hit the road on your summer tires on a freshly-thawed highway, watch out. Summer is back on.

Don’t wait any longer to prep your Porsche for the winter. Stop by Porsche Nashua and see us soon!