New England may look pretty now that the fall foliage is out in all its splendor, but don’t get so distracted by leaf peeping that you forget to winterize your car. If you or your Porsche car aren’t ready, it’s going to be a rougher winter than usual. Porsche Nashua will get you ready with our OEM parts, Porsche service, and these simple tips.

Get Ready

There’s plenty you can do before you visit your Porsche service center. Give your Porsche Cayenne a good wash and wax. Pack the essentials (hat, gloves, brush, scraper, and snow shovel). And it isn’t a bad idea to take a defensive driving course. You may be an old pro at New England winters, but there’s plenty of first-timers out there who’ll make your drive a challenge.

Check Your Fluids

It’s not enough to simply top off your fluids. A lighter-weight oil, antifreeze that’s rated for lower temperatures, and winter washer fluid will all help once the thermometer drops.


Don’t rely on your old all-weather tires to get you through a snowy winter. Worn tread or low tire pressure change traction, handling, fuel economy, and stopping distance for the worse. Snow tires are simply the right tool for the job.


There’s never a good time for bad brakes. That’s doubly true when you’re driving on a slick or icy road.


Check your heat for proper function now, before you need it. If it’s not up to snuff, we can help.


Nobody wants to trudge out to the car in the morning only to find it won’t start. Batteries tend to self-discharge in the summer, which leads to poor starts and breakdowns in winter, especially for older batteries. Service or replace ahead of time.

Your Porsche dealership near Chelmsford, MA has all your automotive needs covered, including service, parts, financing, and even answers to your common questions. Visit Porsche Nashua at 170 Main Dunstable Road to get ready for old man Winter!