With a lineup that includes the Porsche 911 and two versions of the Porsche 718, the popular conception of Porsche cars isn’t “family car.” Those who know and love the brand, however, know that there’s plenty in the new Porsche model lineup that’s highly family-friendly, which makes them perfect for back-to-school, or fun at any other time of year. This is the perfect time to visit Porsche Nashua.

There are three reliable standbys in your Nashua Porsche dealership’s showroom if you’re looking for the perfect family hauler. The Porsche Macan and Porsche Cayenne are obvious choices, since their SUV form factor combines ample passenger space with plentiful cargo volume. They’re great whether you’re carrying luggage, a week’s worth of groceries, your haul from a weekend of antiquing, or your kids’ instruments for band practice.

But don’t forget the Porsche Panamera, which is a zippy and capable executive car that’s also available in a wagon variant. The wagon isn’t your parents’ old woody; it’s a fun, sporty, and capable vehicle that’s dressed to impress whether you’re headed for a long day at the office or a fun day watching your daughter’s soccer game.

And if you’ve already purchased a Porsche car or SUV at Porsche Nashua, you have our congratulations, our thanks, and a reminder to get to 170 Main Dunstable Road for Porsche service and parts before the kids head back for classes. We want to see you safe, sound, and happy as summer turns to autumn, and a bit of routine maintenance will go a long way to that end.