Sometimes decoding what’s going on at Porsche AG involves a steady drip of news from multiple sources. That’s certainly been the case lately with the Porsche Taycan. It’s barely had its new name for a month, but anticipation is already building long before anyone’s seen the production model at an auto show, much less at Porsche Nashua. Here’s why.

We start with the Porsche Newsroom, which recently took its readers behind the scenes for a peek at the design philosophy of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo back when it was still going by its old name. You won’t find a big-picture take on the vehicle; instead, it’s all about a few small details and how those inform the whole.

That theme is taken up by tech site Pocket Lint. Their article’s accompanied by a photo, within which lurks an ungainly word: “Gesamtfahrzeugprüfung.” Unless you’re a native German speaker, Gesamtfahrzeugprüfung doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

The word translates to “total vehicle test,” and if you’re Porsche AG, that means a meticulous inspection both by humans and — these days — by innovative augmented reality. As the article notes, new Porsche vehicles are built to higher tolerances than most, making an added layer of QA an absolute necessity; an AR app is helping the company do just that, and is ensuring that each car meets or exceeds expectations.

The new tech promises to shave hours’ worth of inspection time off each vehicle and could save millions of dollars per plant, per annum. What both pieces remind us, however, is that what we perceive as a whole — whether it’s expressed as a Porsche Macan or a Porsche 718 Boxster — is actually the culmination of many fine details and the attention paid to them.

You’ll find a similar attention to detail at Porsche Nashua. It’s in the attentive service provided by our sales staff, and the skilled care lavished on your vehicle by our service experts. To see the difference that makes in your drive, visit us at 170 Main Dunstable Road today.