The first-time fix rate — getting your car fixed right the first time, with repairs that last — is the holy grail of any auto dealership’s service department. That goes double at Porsche dealerships like Porsche Nashua. After all, we know our customers hold us to a higher standard, just as they hold Porsche cars to a higher standard. Soon, Porsche technicians will have a new tool at their disposal to further exceed expectations. It’s called Tech Live Look, and before long it’ll be in use at Porsche Nashua.

The technology is both cutting-edge and deceptively simple in a “Why didn’t I think of that?” way. It draws on Augmented Reality, or AR. Unlike its close cousin Virtual Reality (VR), AR doesn’t build a new environment from scratch; instead, it simply builds on what’s already there.

Here’s how it works: let’s say you’re hearing an odd noise from your Porsche Panamera. You bring it to the dealership for service. Usually, our technicians’ years’ worth of experience and training gives them a good idea of what’s happening, and the kind of repair that’s needed. But some problems are harder to diagnose. Up to now, those more stubborn problems often involved an exchange of phone calls and emails in an attempt to diagnose and fix the issue.

Now, however, the tech can merely don a pair of glasses equipped with a tiny camera and tethered to a smartphone app. That allows a remote expert to collaborate with and advise the on-site technician. The glasses work both ways; the technician can also see pages from relevant manuals, diagrams sent over via remote, or even remote arrows and diagrams drawn on the engine to indicate problems and next steps.

Unlike smartphone applications that read and interpret common error codes, there are no plans to release this technology to the public. It is, and will remain, exclusive to Porsche dealerships like Porsche Nashua. That’s all the more reason to visit 170 Main Dunstable Road for Porsche service; we’ve always been, and will always be, committed to bringing everything we can — technology, training, expertise, and caring — to bear on your Porsche car and your ownership experience.