Just for fun, take a look at magazines from the 1900’s to the 1950’s and how they said we’d be living in the far-off 2000’s. We were promised an end to war and disease, cities in the sky, colonies on Mars, personal jetpacks, and even flying cars. By now, we all know how that turned out; there’s a conspicuous lack of jetpack components at the Porsche Nashua parts department. But it turns out a flying car may yet happen, and when it does, it’ll probably be wearing a Porsche badge.

The news came from this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, where many luxury and performance brands come each year to strut their stuff. Porsche AG was in attendance, but they may be making news with a car that, they admit, isn’t even on the drawing board yet.

According to a CNet interview with Porsche AG board member Detlev von Platen, a flying Porsche car is in the early planning stages. “Imagine having this kind of object being able to fly on its own completely from A to B, but also enabling the passenger or pilot to take control for a certain amount of time, if it stays within its [performance] envelope. This could be a Porsche.”

Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche North America, elaborated on von Platen’s comments, explaining that this initiative is part of Porsche Strategy 2025. That doesn’t mean that the car will arrive at your Nashua Porsche dealership by that date; instead, it’s an indication of the company’s longer-term thinking.

A few details need to fall into place first. Autonomous vehicle technology is perhaps the most important, since it side-steps the licensing and permit concerns that would otherwise be inherent in operating a car that was capable of taking flight. As von Platen and Zellmer both took pains to emphasize, it would also need to take legendary Porsche dynamics to a third dimension, being just as thrilling in the air as on the ground.

Something to look forward to, no doubt. Even if your test flight of an airborne Porsche Panamera is still the stuff that dreams are made of — for now — there’s plenty of down-to-earth horsepower and torque available at Porsche Nashua right now. Visit us at 170 Main Dunstable Road.