Cold weather is good for car batteries. In fact, your battery lasts longer in the Northeast than it would in other, warmer, parts of the country. So by rights, wintertime around Manchester, NH should be a driver’s paradise… at least ’til you go out at seven thirty on a winter morning and your car won’t start. How do you stop that from happening? Porsche Nashua looks at the science and some practical tips.

The reason cold is good for batteries — whether it’s the one in your Porsche Cayenne or the AAs in your gadgets — is that lower temperatures slow the chemical reactions that help batteries hold and release a charge. The cold also lowers the rate of self-discharge that makes batteries go flat.

So how come your car won’t start in the cold? For one thing, it’s not just your battery that’s cold. Your engine, gas, and oil are also cold and need more of a charge — meaning more of a strain on your battery.

There’s another reason. Turn the calendar back to July or thereabouts. That’s because self-discharge doubles with every ten degrees of temperature rise. You don’t notice it in the heat because the higher temperatures are also great for the electrochemical reactions that make the battery work. It’s not ’til it’s colder that summertime neglect makes itself known.

Age is also a factor. Battery service life is rated for three to five years. If your battery’s at the tail end of that, it won’t be nearly as reliable.

What’s the solution? Start with regular maintenance, including winterizing. If you haven’t winterized, better late than never; get to your Porsche dealership for genuine Porsche service. Replace your battery on schedule. If you have somewhere warm to house your car, that helps too — so it’s time to clear the junk out of the garage and put it to its intended use.

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