You may never have heard of the Porsche-Diesel Junior or the Porsche-Diesel Super, but they’re an important part of Porsche AG history. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche himself, they’re streamlined, diesel-powered, they wear the Porsche badge, and they’ve probably never been seen on the Nurburgring. You also won’t find one pre-owned at Porsche Nashua.

That’s because the Porsche-Diesel series were farm tractors. Four variants were sold ’til they were discontinued in 1964, and the Junior and Super were the most popular here in the States. Not something you’re likely to find at the Porsche Nashua Turkey Trot Rally (although if you’ve got one, hitch it to the back of your Porsche Cayenne and bring it along — we’d love to see it).

The Rally takes place on November 18, and it’s our last for the year. If you haven’t come to one yet, you’re missing out; it’s a gathering of Porsche owners from around New England, and it’s also our way of saying “thanks” to everyone who’s helped make Porsche Nashua what we are today.

If you have questions about this year’s rally — or if you can’t make it but would like to attend one of next year’s — contact us, or simply visit our showroom at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua. Follow us on Facebook, and also watch this space. Next year’s rally season will be here before you know it. In the meantime, thanks to each of you who made this year’s season so much fun, and to all of you who support us in everything we do.

PS: Stopping by Porsche Nashua in the days ahead? Don’t forget that we have a number of special offers on Porsche gear through November 30. That includes 10% off winter wheel packages, floor mats, and cargo liners, 15% off battery maintainers, and 15% off on all in-stock Porsche lifestyle gear. It’s a great opportunity to find a special something for the special Porsche enthusiast in your life!