Porsche Nashua trivia time. Ready to have your mind blown? If you own a Porsche car, go outside and look for the grille. We’ll wait. Back so soon? Notice anything? Where nearly every other car by just about every other manufacturer would have a grille, Porsche cars don’t. They never have, and odds are better than even that they never will.

Most cars have both an air intake and a grille, with the grille being one of a brand’s most defining design characteristics. That’s true whether you’re driving a cheap subcompact sedan or a high-end performance car from most other brands, but it’s not the case on Porsche models.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s not just Teutonic stubbornness. Yes, there’s an opening at the front of the car, but that’s an air intake. Because Porsche cars traditionally had rear-mount engines, there wasn’t any real need for a grille. It became part of the company’s design language, a feature shared among every Porsche model from the very first Porsche 911 to the newest Porsche Cayenne SUV.

Why do we bring this up? Well, in part because it’s one of those bits of arcana that defines the Porsche brand. But we also mention it because the date’s rapidly approaching for the October Porsche Nashua Rally Club and we thought it’d make an interesting conversation starter. After all, each month’s club meeting features old and new Porsche cars, great conversation, and interesting drives. It’s how we say “thanks” to our loyal customers, and if you are — or are about to be — one of them, we’d love to see you there.

There are only two Rally Days remaining in 2017. The next one is on Saturday, October 21. The last, our annual Turkey Trot Rally, is on Saturday, November 18. For more information, follow Porsche Nashua on Facebook, or visit your New England Porsche dealership at 170 Main Dunstable Road.