Remember the thrill of driving away from Porsche of Nashua in your newly-leased Porsche Cayenne? Now that your lease is winding down, don’t worry; that thrill doesn’t have to be replaced with a feeling of impending dread. We make it just as easy as your lease ends as we did at the beginning. 

There are a few small things to remember in the waning months of your lease that can make a big difference in keeping the process painless.

Give Yourself Time: The more time you spend early on deciding what comes after your Porsche lease return, and taking care of a few key details, the less stress you’ll have later. Take time to think about whether you’d like to keep the car you’re leasing now, lease another car, or buy a different new Porsche vehicle.

Preparation Helps: Whether you chose monthly payments or a single-payment lease, the end of your lease will look much the same. You’ll have a vehicle inspection that helps you assess any charges that might be due for mileage or wear overages, and the opportunity to make any needed repairs.

You Have Incentives. Use Them!: Available loyalty programs help make it easier for Porsche lessees to lease or buy their next Porsche car or SUV.

Get It Together: Over time, you may have put the owner’s manual in your desk drawer and your cargo cover might be gathering dust in a dark corner of your garage. Take time to gather up all of those bits, bobs, and key fobs for the day you return your vehicle.

Remember That You’re Not Alone: The same folks who helped you in the beginning — your Porsche lease advisor, Porsche Financial Services, and your Nashua Porsche service department — are all still in your corner. If questions or issues come up (and sometimes that’s inevitable), feel free to stop by

If questions or issues come up (and sometimes that’s inevitable), feel free to stop by 170 Main Dunstable Road for help. We hope to see you ehre soon!