A recent article in Road & Track suggests that if you’re looking to squeeze even better performance out of your car, the answer may not be where you’re looking. While the Porsche of Nashua parts department and our service department have plenty to offer, we have to agree with them that one of the most effective performance upgrades is also one of the easiest and least expensive. 

It’s not a high-flow exhaust system. You don’t even have to re-bore and stroke your car’s engine, or do anything to increase torque or horsepower. There’s one part — well, four of them, really — that can give you an inexpensive boost. That’s right. New Porsche tires make a world of difference.

Here’s why. The right tires — not bargain tires, but OEM-spec tires approved for your vehicle by Porsche AG — does some very important things for your car, each of which relate back to traction:

  • Improved acceleration
  • Improved stopping power
  • Better handling
  • Better fuel economy
  • A safer, smoother ride

If you’re going cheap on tires, or even simply neglecting them, your Porsche Cayman or Porsche Cayenne will never perform as well as it was designed to. It goes without saying that proper installation — mounting, balancing, and any necessary adjustments to your alignment — is also essential.

To be sure you’re getting the best quality for your car, visit your Porsche dealership. Even among tires that are approved by the automaker you’ll have numerous options depending on your driving habits and the weather (a speed demon carrying a heavy load in the winter time is going to need tires with a different speed and load rating than someone who’s driving their Porsche Panamera with a lighter touch).

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