You’ve found the perfect new Porsche SUV. It’s a 2017 Cayenne Platinum Edition with RS Spyder Design Wheels, a trailer hitch, roof rails, driver assist features, a panoramic roof, and 14-way power seats. You can already visualize it in your garage… just as soon as you figure out whether to lease, or to buy it outright. No worries. Porsche of Nashua can help you, just the same as we’ve helped a generation of drivers from Danvers and Boston find and enjoy the perfect performance cars.  

Should You Lease?

Maybe your old car gave up the ghost before you had the down payment ready for a new one; in that case, leasing avoids the higher monthly payments that come with a smaller down payment. On the other hand, perhaps you like changing your car every few years, whether because of image or just a thirst for something new. If you’re just driving locally and want to be prudent with your money, leasing can be a viable option.

Should You Buy?

The 36-month lease that’s such a draw for lessees is a double-edged sword, since you’re typically limited to 10,000 miles per year and subject to overage charges at lease end if your mileage exceeds your quota. A few hundred miles won’t hurt, but once the number creeps into the thousands, your wallet starts to feel it. Other factors, like a long commute, a habit of taking long road trips, the urge to customize your Porsche 911, or a habit of hanging onto a car for a decade or longer, can make leasing impractical at best. That’s when you should consider a purchase instead of a lease.

Maybe this choice is a no-brainer for you. If you’re not sure, that’s what we’re here for. Stop by your Porsche dealership serving Danvers, MA. Porsche of Nashua is located at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, NH. We’ll assess your needs and send you on your way in the new Porsche car or SUV you’ve always wanted!