Your new Porsche car epitomizes all that comes to mind with the phrase “German engineering.” It’s fuel efficient, masterfully designed and reliable. But as safe as a Porsche Cayenne or Porsche Panamera is, it still relies on an informed driver. To that end, Porsche of Nashua has compiled some safety tips for the snow, ice, and cold in the months ahead. 

The first thing to ask is whether you need to drive. If road conditions are terrible, your best bet is sometimes to stay put. If you can’t avoid going out (or if you’ve already been in for a few days and are getting cabin fever), make sure your car or SUV has no stray snow or ice on it. Check to be sure your phone is fully charged and that you’re driving on a full tank (or that you fill up as soon as possible). If you warm up your car, don’t do it in an enclosed area like your garage.

Once you’re on the road, a bit of caution goes a long way. Remember that things you do on auto-pilot on a sunny day require a bit more thought and a little more time than usual. That means giving yourself extra time and distance to turn, brake, change lanes, or get going from a full stop. It also means keeping an eye out for ice, especially when you’re going from the road to a bridge or overpass.

You may be an old pro when it comes to handling winter driving in New England. The people with whom you share the road may not be. Make sure you’re ready by staying alert and awake behind the wheel, and make sure your Porsche car is ready by bringing it to the dealership for Nashua Porsche service and winterizing. We’re located at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, NH, and we’re here for all your automotive needs.