Westford Porsche fans, take note. Sometimes an offhand comment – or, in this case, the response to an offhand comment – can speak volumes about a company’s ethos and priorities. That’s what David Gluckman of Autoblog found out after making a passing remark to Dr. Gernot Döllner, the man responsible for the Porsche Panamera. 

If you’re a Porsche aficionado, or if you’ve ever driven a new Porsche car, you know why we’re anxiously awaiting the 2017 Porsche Panamera at Porsche of Nashua. You could think of the car like a work of art – an oil painting, for instance – where it’s not only the broad strokes (like the car’s distinctive profile) but also the small details that count.

That brings us to Gluckman’s remark when trying out the doors on the new Porsche Panamera. Why not, he wondered aloud, switch the hydraulic struts on the car’s doors for a system of electromagnetic dampers? You can imagine his surprise when Dollner responded that just such a system was already under consideration for future Porsche cars.

When we think of cars, especially a performance car like the Porsche Panamera, we tend to think of the components that are obvious, and with which we interact each time we’re behind the wheel. After a while even things like the engine, aerodynamics, ergonomics, and other factors fade into the background. In a sense, we just expect the car to stay out of its own way and deliver a great driving experience.

Therein lies what sets Porsche, and New England Porsche dealers, apart: no detail is too small to be fussed over. Just as important, no detail is so sacred that it can’t be improved upon. That philosophy, and the attention that goes with it, is part of what makes Porsche cars so special. For a sales experience that gives you the same kind of attention, come to Porsche of Nashua. We’re located minutes away from Westford at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, NH, or as close as your telephone. Just dial 888-695-4130.