An article just out from Automobile Magazine crams an awful lot of information into a relatively small space. In the course of his conversation with writer Georg Kacher, Porsche AG CEO Oliver Blume made news about three new Porsche vehicles and what could be ahead for a fourth. What does Blume have to say about the road ahead and what might we see in coming years at Porsche of Nashua? 

Porsche Mission E: Development continues on the concept that was unveiled about a year ago at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Blume explained that the EV’s underlying platform (codenamed J1) is actually scalable. In addition to the Mission E, it can — and soon will — be scaled to a smaller companion to the Mission E. In fact, that smaller version is being referred to as Pajun E. Given that the same architecture can be scaled up. Expect it to be the basis for larger cars or crossovers too.

Porsche 960: As we noted back in May, the Porsche brand is hard at work on its next entrant for Le Mans. Of course, any car that competes there needs a homologation model. And in this case, that car is expected to debut under the Porsche 960 name. If you had your hopes pinned on a Porsche supercar in the near future, it seems you’ll be waiting a bit longer. The company has de-emphasized work on the 960 in favor of the Mission E.

Porsche Compact Crossover: The company is considering a compact crossover that would slot in below the Porsche Macan. As it stands now, plans are to design the crossover that can use a traditional gas or diesel drive train, hybrid drive or electric, even if all of those options aren’t available simultaneously when the vehicle makes its way to dealerships.

And Finally: If all of that doesn’t convince you that Porsche is serious about electric vehicles, maybe this will. Oliver Blume says that eventually, even the Porsche 911¬†will be electric.

While we’d caution that it’s going to be a while before any of these cars come to New England Porsche dealers, we’re glad to see such an ambitious plan from Porsche. While we’re waiting on these ground-breaking cars, why not see what the company has already given us? Come to Porsche of Nashua today to test drive the Porsche 911 or Porsche Macan. We’re located at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, New Hampshire, and we’re always just a phone call away at 888-695-4130.