Every so often, you’ll hear about the DNA of a particular car or car company. We’ve recently seen a Porsche that takes the idea of automotive DNA and adds a touch of gene splicing, cross-breeding a Porsche Cayenne with a Porsche Panamera for a vehicle whose looks might actually be one of the less surprising things about it. While we’re not holding our breath on this unique specimen finding its way to Porsche of Nashua, we can’t help but be fascinated. 

The idea of an SUV coupe isn’t a new one. Indeed, for several years, SUV and crossover designers have tried all kinds of design manipulation to give their vehicles the look of a coupe without the architecture — especially the steep rear roof slope — that makes the body style so distinctive. Sure, there might be a gentle slope to the roof or a bit of optical trickery where there’s a gentle upsweep to the lower half of the windows, especially behind the B pillar, to make the vehicle look lower in the rear than it is. Porsche has taken this through to its logical conclusion. And instead of optics, they’ve just gone ahead and designed an actual four-door coupe SUV.

But as we’ve mentioned, that may only be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This Porsche Cayenne-Panamera mashup’s looks may be striking, but they’re not nearly as surprising as another revelation: it just might be the test mule for a new Porsche SUV with an all-electric drivetrain. When it comes to electrical vehicles the Porsche Mission E concept has gotten quite a bit of attention. But if this new design is in fact a test bed for new tech, it would mark the first appearance of EV technology in a form that actually looks production-ready.

It was not that long ago that a famous documentary asked, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Now it looks like Porsche is about to do its part to breathe life into the electric SUV. While we’re all waiting for more details, why not come to Porsche of Nashua to see the inspirations for this futuristic-looking vehicle? Granted, you’ll have to drive them separately, but the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera are both here now, and they’re both lovely. Come to our showroom at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, New Hampshire to find out more.