Sustainability is quite the buzzword these days, with companies of all shapes and sizes promising more of it in their products and processes. While Porsche is opaque about some things (we’re not expecting detailed blueprints for the Porsche 918 any time soon), they’re transparent about their sustainability initiatives and how their sustainability goals impact not only the company, but also the communities that Porsche serves. Those goals inform what goes on in Stuttgart, and they also have an impact here at Porsche of Nashua. 

Porsche realizes that the bottom line is about much more than profit. That’s explicitly spelled out in the recent Porsche Sustainability Report, which extends the bottom line to society, the environment and people. Sustainability means exploring the impact of every decision in each of those areas and delivering a product, through carefully-designed processes, which ensures that impact is a positive one.

Porsche supports sports and culture both at the national level (especially in their native Germany) and at the grassroots level, in order to promote social engagement and cohesion. The company’s production facilities provide financial and material support to disadvantaged populations. However, that focus isn’t limited to Stuttgart or Leipzig. The company’s efforts can be felt elsewhere in Europe and the Americas through collaboration with local NGOs, schools and scientific institutions.

While Porsche of Nashua is proud to feature the Porsche 911 and Porsche Cayenne and to have been awarded the Premier Porsche Dealer title four times since 2010, we’re even more proud of the corporate responsibility, sustainability and strong ethical sense of the company whose cars we’ve sold for years as a New Hampshire Porsche dealer. We invite you to our showroom at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, NH to find out more about not only the new Porsche models we feature, but also how we live out our values and those of Porsche, at every turn. Questions? Call us at 888-695-4130.