The classic car market has practically exploded in recent years with vintage cars from many brands pulling down high prices from private sellers or setting records at auction. As it does elsewhere, Porsche has performed exceptionally well in this regard; historic Porsche models have shown excellent rates of appreciation, and that’s a trend that doesn’t seem likely to slow down any time soon. If you own a used Porsche, or if you’re buying a new Porsche at your Nashua Porsche dealer, how can you tell you’ve got a classic on your hands? And what’s driving the market? 

Second question first: as with anything else that’s collectible, from art to comic books, a number of factors motivate collectors and influence price. Nostalgia is a strong predictor, especially for those who wanted a particular model when they were younger and find when time has passed that their budgets finally allow for the car of their dreams. Provenance makes a difference as well, as has been evidenced when Porsche 356 models owned by the likes of Jerry Seinfeld or Janis Joplin earned a mint. Unpredictable economic times can also make some owners view their Porsche classics as a hedge against financial uncertainty. Finally, there’s the cool factor — hard to quantify, but ever-present in Porsche — that makes cars desirable.

Now back to that first question: how do you identify, much less anticipate, a classic? Condition counts. A car with matching numbers, original paint and body work, or extensive and expert restoration will hold its value best. A car with a unique story helps, too; a car owned by a celebrity, or one that’s performed admirably at Le Mans will command top dollar. It also helps if a car is either rare (limited edition) or stands out from the pack in some other way. Finally, the lower the digits on the odometer, the better.

Of course all of the tips above come to nothing if you don’t start with quality. Come to your Nashua Porsche dealership and start with the best, whether it’s the fifty-year heritage of the 911 Porsche or a modern classic like the Porsche Macan. Porsche of Nashua is located at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, NH. Visit today to browse new inventory, or to keep your vintage model running like new.