We’ve all had summer driving mishaps. We drive away from a tailgate party in Manchester, NH with a sandwich on the roof. We get halfway into the car wash and realize the rear passenger window is open. We’re on the interstate headed home to Westford, MA with the top down and a torrential downpour starts. Each of those things is an inconvenience that we’ll probably laugh about later, but one mishap — hydroplaning — is no joke. With that in mind, Porsche of Nashua has some tips to keep you safe from hydroplaning. 

Hydroplaning usually occurs at speeds over 35 miles per hour. Similar to driving over packed snow or black ice, your car can go into a sudden slide that’s difficult to recover from if you’re not paying attention. If it does happen, the same steps you’d take in the winter time apply in summer: steer into the slide, ease off the gas instead of applying the brakes, and if you do brake, do it gently.

But the easiest measure is to prevent hydroplaning in the first place. That starts with your tires. Worn treads mean your tires can’t displace water as they were designed to. Improper inflation means that even new tires may not perform properly. Keep tires at proper pressure, rotate them at the right intervals, and replace them if they’re too worn.

Next up, pay attention to how you drive. Stay away from standing water and puddles (especially near the shoulders, since the road surface is graded for drainage). Keep in mind that even a small amount of water, especially when it’s mixed with oil runoff, can lead to hazardous conditions. Keep your cruise control off in wet weather; you may react quickly, but your vehicle may not follow suit. Most importantly, slow down. As in a snowstorm, “low and slow” is a best practice to arrive safely.

Porsche cars aren’t only engineered for speed and performance; they’re designed for safety. Don’t forget that your safety is also in your hands. Drive carefully, and if it’s time for your Porsche Panamera, Porsche Boxster, or Porsche Cayenne to have its tires rotated or replaced, come to Porsche of Nashua at 170 Main Dunstable Road in Nashua, NH for service and maintenance.