Buckle up; it’s time for a pedal-to-the-metal rundown of some of the more interesting Porsche news you may have missed in the last few weeks, courtesy of Porsche of Nashua. 

No More Manual Trans for 911 Porsche?
Porsche raised eyebrows recently as a rumor began making the rounds that manual transmissions could soon be a thing of the past in the Porsche 911. Thomas Brandl, who’s responsible for engineering the engine on the next generation 911, noted that less than ten percent of drivers choose a manual transmission in the 911 Porsche, and said that it was hard to justify the R&D costs for a new manual given the probable low-to-nonexistent ROI. He went on to say that the existing transmission would stay in use for as long as it wouldn’t negatively impact performance, but it’s hard to picture a next-generation car relying on a last-generation gearbox.

Our verdict? Don’t dig out the pitchforks and torches just yet. On one hand, this is merely being discussed. On the other hand, Porsche has faced wailing and gnashing of teeth over other changes (water-cooled engines, turbochargers) in the past, only for drivers to realize that the newer generations of cars didn’t sacrifice one whit of performance. Given that Porsche isn’t one for doing things by half measures, it’s not likely to drop the ball if the time comes that its entire lineup features automatic transmissions.

Porsche Goes All-In on High Tech
We’ve previously mentioned the Mission E, a Porsche electric car concept, in this space alongside other high-tech improvements to Porsche cars (notably in their infotainment systems). Work is ongoing to prepare the company’s production facilities for the Mission E. With that said, Porsche recently sent its strongest signal yet that they’re serious about the Mission E, and about the technology in their cars more generally: they’ve hired former Gartner vice president and automotive practice leader Thilo Koslowski to assume a “central function in digital mobility” at Porsche, a position that reports to Porsche Chief Executive Oliver Blume. Koslowski’s brief is likely to include in-car technology, the expansion of the company’s hybrid offerings, and overseeing the further development of the Mission E.

Time to Pull Up the Couch Cushions
Classic car auctioneers Classic Trader are putting up a literal one of a kind Porsche for auction. It’s a Porsche 959 cabriolet that once belonged to Jürgen Lässig, a seasoned race driver for Porsche. The 959 had originally been designed and built as a rally car (and competed in the Paris-Dakar Rally), and was produced in limited numbers to meet FIA homologation regulations that required a production variant of all racers. When Lassig got in a fender bender with this particular car, it was restored as a cabriolet — the only one of its kind. It’s up for sale for a paltry one million Euros ($1,128,200.00).

Still want your 2016 Porsche with a manual gearbox? Want a used Porsche but can’t afford a cool 1.1 million? Ready to see what Porsche is already doing with connectivity in cars like the 2016 Porsche Macan? For the answers to these questions — and any others you may have about Porsche — come to Porsche of Nashua today!