We’ve seen mixed signals from Porsche regarding their timeline for the Mission E, an all-electric high performance sports car that the company says could find its way to dealerships by 2020. The timeline around the Mission E remains vague, but the company has been somewhat more forthcoming about a hybrid version of one of the world’s most iconic sports cars, the Porsche 911

There are a number of issues to be ironed out. Among them, whether the hybrid technology the company is pursuing is a good fit for the flat six found in the 911 Porsche; whether or not the hybrid will be a plug-in model; and how best to tune the engines to meet more aggressive emissions goals. The larger concern hanging over the project is, of course, how the company does all of this without compromising the quality and the driving experience offered by the 911. After all, this is no ordinary car; it’s an icon, and has been the mainstay of the Porsche lineup for fifty years.

Still, there’s reason to be encouraged. This wouldn’t be the first rodeo for Porsche when it comes to hybrids. After all, the plug-in Porsche 918 is just coming off a banner year in endurance racing that saw the company re-assert its dominance. We can’t imagine that Porsche would turn its back on everything learned from its experience with the 918, and anything that migrates that technology to the company’s street legal cars can only be considered a win.

If we’ve learned anything at Porsche of Nashua by watching the company for many years, it’s this: the company may sometimes seem to move at a glacial pace, especially when we’re all eagerly awaiting something new and innovative. However, what looks slow to us on the outside actually covers up many years’ worth of research and development, testing, and iteration that often lead to big things at surprising times. Whatever else it may be and whatever form it takes, when we finally do lay eyes on the Porsche 911 Hybrid, it will have been worth the wait.

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